What I did in May

Newfoundlanders in Ottawa (For Science)
me and my medal

    On the 12-18th, I attended the national science fair, after winning a gold medal and special award at my regional fair. Hosted at Carleton University, me and 457 other finalists competed for a total of over 1,000,000$ worth of awards in scholarships and cash. Our delegation broke the personal record of every person having a medal from Newfoundland in over 30 years (I’m pictured with the sunglasses to the far left). I won a bronze medal, along with 3 scholarships.

    I’ve been to Ottawa and seen a lot of the museums we were at on a trip back in middle school. What I really learned from CWSF was to never sell an idea short, always introduce yourself, and the key to freestyle dancing is to just go for it and stay loose.

    The fair itself had a plethora of incredible volunteers, teachers, business men, you name it! Plus if you want to find a vast network of smart kids a national science fair is where it’s at. It’s really a place for nerds to be nerds.

me on stage
@ the nature museum

    It was a great week, and we all enjoyed it. But what I loved most was travelling to the different museums, touring the city, and of course shopping for gifts in our spare time. Ottawa is a beautiful city, and I hope to visit again in the near future!



    Around a week after the fair, I realised I was selected from my school to compete in an annual entrepreneurship competition. So I whipped up a presentation and went with it.

Competing at the Olympics (For Entrepreneurs)

    Around the end of May I competed in the Entrepreneurship Olympics, hosted by the St. John’s YMCA. Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship 3209 competed for awards valued over $3500 cash. I won first place ($1500) with my Social Enterprise project on a monthly subscription box for people with menstrual cycles, where the profits went towards providing women with free tampons and pads.

    All in all may was a handful, but I met more people and learned more than I did any other month this year, and I’m proud 2018 is turning out to be the year I hoped it would be. I also broke a personal record for largest amount of school missed in a 30-day period ( Around 8 instructional days.. That’s a lot of calculus :[ )

Silicon Tycoon – Update 26/11/17

Taste Of The New Assets

This is the first official update for the Silicon Tycoon PC game I’ve been working on. I posted to java-gaming but never ended up seeing any feedback, so I’m going to post new information to this wordpress from now on. I’m starting it all off with updates on the new assets!

Similar to most tycoon games, you must work up to different tiers. How It’s broken down is that there are a list of Depots that sell different rooms, furniture, and decorations. The one’s I started working on was the office depot “Stables Depot”, and the house decor depot “The Home Depot”. Here’s an image of the two with there different tiers.

Of course what’s a company without employees! Companies will be organised through departments, each with their own list of employees and “missions”… I’ll get more into that next post. Departments are entirely custom so you can structure your company however you’d like ( different combinations of skills working on different missions will increase your success ). Here’s what the characters look like with their startup-swag!

My Ideas For Game Mechanics

You begin the game with a starting seed funding of 6000$. You can choose between an empty apartment, office space, or full on building based on your difficulty setting. The gameplay would involve using your departments labour to power your products and services, the speed at which your company grows and makes money is dependent on your sales, competition, difficulty setting, and so forth. The real fun in the game will be the creation of products like games, art, or tools, also the decoration of your office and tweaking every square inch to make your employees as happy and efficient as possible.

Next Post: Engine Improvements!

Making maggieburton.com


Maggie Burton is the current councillor-at-large for the city of St. John’s.  I did some work for her municipal election campaign’s website and it ended up being my largest web project. Of course this came with some challenges, but right from the get-go a simple text change proved to be nearly impossible.

Site 0.0 – ???

When I was first asked to edit the site I thought it was going to be a quick and easy job. Simply change some text here and there and we’re good to go. However when I got access to the cPanel and tried pasting some new words into the containers, they weren’t resizing with the new text like they should. I’ve never seen this happen before and it looked like each container had some sort of unique ID, I used Google Chrome to check out what was happening and I noticed there was a proprietary script that set sizes for each platform, when resizing the page it resizes each div to the correct value. This is because it was made with some sort of website builder I’ve never heard of. So instead of giving up on adding new content I used Google Chrome once again to figure out the colours, fonts, margins, padding, ect of each div and translated that into bootstrap.

Site 1.0 –  We have the Technology

After moving all the old content to a folder, I started working on the new site by getting the names of the fonts, the sizes of margins and paddings, and colours of the sections through Google Chrome’s developer tool.

Also changing some things by request like moving the Social Media buttons, adding a platform link, and removing the bezel around the picture. As well as shrinking the top section while still keeping it prominent. Here is the before and after ( notice the cleaner organisation 😉 )

Another thing they wanted changed was the Get Involved section. It involved 3 types of media.

    1. Maggie’s Twitter Feed
    2. NationBuilder Links ( Where they order lawn signs, count votes, ect. )
    3. Maggie’s Social Media Links

That site was up for a bit on it’s own, until they needed a home for their platform.

Maggie’s Platform

Maggie’s platform consists of all her stances on many topics. Breaking it down there’s about 7 sections and 48 topics. Originally all of this information was in a WordPress. The platform was to be a part of their site and represent Maggie’s focal points. I made this page in Bootstrap 3 as well, with some JavaScript per page to enlarge the text div for the visually impaired.

$( "#enlarge" ).click(function() {
  size = $( "p" ).css( "font-size" );
  size = parseInt(size, 10);
  if(size == 30){
    $( "p" ).children().css( "font-size", "18px" );
    $( "p" ).css( "font-size", "18px" );
    $( "#enlarge-text" ).text("Enlarge Text");
  } else {
    $( "p" ).children().css( "font-size", "30px" );
    $( "p" ).css( "font-size", "30px" );
    $( "#enlarge-text" ).text("Normal Text");

All this code is doing is select the enlarge button, then find the current font size, then check if it’s greater or less than 30, and finally set the paragraph tags fonts to that value and invert the button.

The platform all in all took about 4 hours to completely convert everything and maybe another 2 to develop the templates. You can find it here.

Visit the site final here: http://maggieburton.com/

Maggie’s WordPress

Image result for maggie burton st. john'sLater after the campaign was over Maggie requested a wordpress to host some of her ideas. I set up this simple site pretty quickly following a tutorial. I never used wordpress before that, but I’m pretty impressed with how simple and functional it is! You can find that here.


Making ecdelivery.ca

EC Delivery is a delivery founded by some friends of mine in Timmins Ontario. I made their website using bootstrap 3, the google maps API, and I also coined the phrase “When the job gets tough, we deliver.”

The site was to be small and effective. The service mainly relied on a few selling points so they settled on this simple FontAwesome icon section to describe what they were about.

It was a bit of a pain to get the title page to look presentable on all platforms as the background has two faces that should be seen everywhere… But the real challenge was creating the Javascript quoting system as I didn’t have much prior Javascript experience especially the google maps API.

Everything was fairly simple to program, but it was a bit hard to phrase the UI correctly so users could easily enter information about their town without confusing the app. I ended up settling on the line:

Please enter information in this order: Address/Street, City, Province

This is above the first field, logically drawing your eyes to it and easily tells clients how to enter their info.

Other than that the other little touch I found interesting was to put the whole team at the bottom in uniform, along with the Delivery Appreciate. This adds a whole human element to the site and pulls it all together at the bottom.

Visit the site

I had a lot of fun making this site and it taught me a lot about practical Javascipt programming with simple APIs, as well as logical website structure.

Making Warhol 2017 with Three.js and Blender


Andy Warhol is known for his paintings of the various Campbell’s soup flavors, and known for propelling the pop-art movement known for its use of bright colors and hip images. Warhol is regarded as one of the most recognizable artists of the 20th century.

Part of his artwork of Campbell’s soup cans was the idea of repetition, and mimicked the industrial production of food characteristic of the time. Simply painting the cans meant Warhol could paint 32 cans and have them nearly identical. The idea of Warhol 2017 was to take a 21st century approach on this work of art.

Making the Cans

I began with modeling the cans in blender, going off the original paintings for reference, at an orthographic projection to allow for accurate measurements. The cans in the painting were slightly tilted so I tilted mine as well to see if I could get it to have the same  proportion exactly.

Next I unwrapped the UV coordinates for the can using the smart UV project (which is very powerful if used correctly). Then flipped the UVs for the can’s face so it can easily be added within blender.

The aspect ratio for the label was the same as the image because I used it as a reference, so it was just a matter of taking the label from the original painting and pasting it on.

Using three.js

three.js is a lot of fun to use. It gives you a lot of freedom along with a bunch of cool prefabs, this project taught me how easy it is to make the web do cool graphics.

The final result!

I had a lot of fun making this, I could have optimised the page to show more cans and have different variations for different flavours. Maybe I’ll improve it in the future. All in all I got 100% on that final art project.