What I did in May

Newfoundlanders in Ottawa (For Science)
me and my medal

    On the 12-18th, I attended the national science fair, after winning a gold medal and special award at my regional fair. Hosted at Carleton University, me and 457 other finalists competed for a total of over 1,000,000$ worth of awards in scholarships and cash. Our delegation broke the personal record of every person having a medal from Newfoundland in over 30 years (I’m pictured with the sunglasses to the far left). I won a bronze medal, along with 3 scholarships.

    I’ve been to Ottawa and seen a lot of the museums we were at on a trip back in middle school. What I really learned from CWSF was to never sell an idea short, always introduce yourself, and the key to freestyle dancing is to just go for it and stay loose.

    The fair itself had a plethora of incredible volunteers, teachers, business men, you name it! Plus if you want to find a vast network of smart kids a national science fair is where it’s at. It’s really a place for nerds to be nerds.

me on stage
@ the nature museum

    It was a great week, and we all enjoyed it. But what I loved most was travelling to the different museums, touring the city, and of course shopping for gifts in our spare time. Ottawa is a beautiful city, and I hope to visit again in the near future!



    Around a week after the fair, I realised I was selected from my school to compete in an annual entrepreneurship competition. So I whipped up a presentation and went with it.

Competing at the Olympics (For Entrepreneurs)

    Around the end of May I competed in the Entrepreneurship Olympics, hosted by the St. John’s YMCA. Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship 3209 competed for awards valued over $3500 cash. I won first place ($1500) with my Social Enterprise project on a monthly subscription box for people with menstrual cycles, where the profits went towards providing women with free tampons and pads.

    All in all may was a handful, but I met more people and learned more than I did any other month this year, and I’m proud 2018 is turning out to be the year I hoped it would be. I also broke a personal record for largest amount of school missed in a 30-day period ( Around 8 instructional days.. That’s a lot of calculus :[ )