EC Delivery is a delivery founded by some friends of mine in Timmins Ontario. I made their website using bootstrap 3, the google maps API, and I also coined the phrase “When the job gets tough, we deliver.”

The site was to be small and effective. The service mainly relied on a few selling points so they settled on this simple FontAwesome icon section to describe what they were about.

It was a bit of a pain to get the title page to look presentable on all platforms as the background has two faces that should be seen everywhere… But the real challenge was creating the Javascript quoting system as I didn’t have much prior Javascript experience especially the google maps API.

Everything was fairly simple to program, but it was a bit hard to phrase the UI correctly so users could easily enter information about their town without confusing the app. I ended up settling on the line:

Please enter information in this order: Address/Street, City, Province

This is above the first field, logically drawing your eyes to it and easily tells clients how to enter their info.

Other than that the other little touch I found interesting was to put the whole team at the bottom in uniform, along with the Delivery Appreciate. This adds a whole human element to the site and pulls it all together at the bottom.

Visit the site

I had a lot of fun making this site and it taught me a lot about practical Javascipt programming with simple APIs, as well as logical website structure.